22 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day

Your Burpees Can Help Them Take Back Control Of Their Lives

Every Dollar You Give Helps Veterans With PTS Get The Resources And Training To Thrive.
Empowering Veterans Living With Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS)
  • Courage Foundation programs bring veterans together to train toward common goals, building trust, comradery and social support.
  • Your support provides physical training, yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques, contemplation, journaling, visualization, positivity reinforcement, goal-setting, teamwork and service. All shown to facilitate post-traumatic growth.
  • Help veterans re-discover their Passion, Principles and Purpose in life to positively integrate back into their family, meaningful relationships and society at large.
Join Me In Reaching 22,000,000 Burpees
22,149,480 Burpees Completed
Since January 2018, I’ve been doing 300 burpees a day to support the Courage Foundation’s goal to reach 22 Million Burpees in order to raise awareness of veterans suffering from PTS. 

To add your burpees toward the goal, email jon@couragefoundation.net or make a donation and enter your burpees in the donation form.
Your Generous Gift Changes Lives
“I never knew what I was doing to myself or how bad I needed a hand up, and from a fellow Vet. I feel as though my prayers have been answered.”

“Just thank you, you have helped me get something back I felt missing for 8 years. I have hope and new goals. I am not just a hermit, I have a purpose.”

"I am still loving every moment of this training. I have begun learning more about myself than ever before. In fact, I just finally at almost 42 years old figured out my purpose. I love so many things that I could not even think about even 5 months ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Where Your Money Goes

Mark’s integrated warrior development program has been effective in increasing mental toughness and emotional resiliency in Navy SEAL candidates, professional athletes and entrepreneurs.

These same methodologies are being utilized in our veterans programs.

Your gift delivers life-saving programs and services like Unbeatable Mind mental toughness and emotional resilience integrated training, and peer and mentor support to develop mastery and courage.
Give $20 or more and you'll receive a 3-hour Mental Toughness Training video! ($39 Value)
Give $50 or more and you’ll receive training with SEALFIT Bootcamp! ($197 Value)
Give $100 or more and you’ll get access to the Way of the SEAL e-course! ($299 Value)
Give $750 or more and you’ll have access to the UM Fundamentals Course ($997 Value) — plus sponsor a Veteran for one full month in the VIP Program!
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